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In Pursuit of Radiant Skin & A Radiant Life

Hello and welcome to,

If you found this site through Google, there's a chance that you are on a similar search for solutions as I was not too long ago. 


Whether it is to achieve better health and skin for yourself or your family, I hope that what I have experienced and documented on my humble little site helps you attain better clarity and a road map towards a radiant life and radiant skin! 

And so this is how I got started...

My son used to suffer severe constipation ever since he started on solid food.


Getting him to consume his daily fiber from fruits, vegs and juices was an uphill task as he simply refused to consume adequate amounts as with most kids. 


Desperate as mums would, I tried different brands of probiotics powder from pharmacies and online shops, and none worked for him despite being established international brands.


(This is how he normally looked whenever he was enduring a bout of constipation.)

avance probiotics supplements

Fortunately in 2021, I came across an IG post on Avance probiotics supplements and decided to give it a shot, although I wasn’t particularly hopeful then.


Thankfully, it worked and his condition has improved by a lot since then.

He still has the occasional bout of constipation but at least it is not that bad anymore.


To top it off, it is super easy to let him consume the probiotics each morning via its small sachet and kids friendly flavour. 

In Caelan’s own words: “I like it because it’s sweet & yummy!” 

avance probiotics supplements

Turning to my own skin care needs post pregnancy

With this issue resolved, I then turned to my own needs. 


After having two kids, my original range of skin care products were no longer giving me that “skin glow” that I loved all along, and I started having frequent breakouts on my skin, especially during that time of the month. 


In fact during the pandemic, I was secretly happy that wearing a mask was compulsory as I could hide my skin from others so people won’t ask, "What happened to your face?"

dr secret before and after
dr secret before and after

At that point, I began searching intently for a solution to my skin issues and tried many methods and different products. Some did not work for me and some had side effects which worsened my condition further.

Coincidentally, I found out that BWL, the same company that supplied the Avance probiotics, had a skin care brand known as Dr's Secret with seemingly good reviews, and I decided to give it a try since I had a good experience with their products. 

The results were evident quickly and I was very happy with the massive improvement in my skin and that gave me conviction in endorsing Dr's Secret skin care products, routine and supplement regime as it has improved both my skin and health, making me more confident and happier.

The results boosted my confidence so much that going mask-less is comfortable once again.

With what I have experienced personally, I have signed up to become a consultant and distributor for both Avance and Dr. Secret’s products to advocate better health and skin for everyone.

dr's secret how to get radiant skin

I am often asked by my friends what products I used when I started out and these are what I was using:

1. Dr's Secret Skin Cleanser

2. Dr's Secret Emulsion A6 Moisturizer

3. Dr's Secret Refining Serum 

4. Avance LB30 Probiotics

5. Avance Chewable Zinc Tablets

6. Avance Blackcurrant Seed Oil Capsules

As of now, I've progressed towards using a wider range of Dr's Secret products as I would like to look my best possible, but that is optional and not necessary for everyone to follow. 

It is my priority to take care of my family and my personal health and skin, as it helps me to be a confident and strong woman, and the best possible version of myself. I hope that you will find it helpful and inspiring knowing that it is possible to overcome similar challenges as a woman and a mother. 

I also hope to provide support and encouragement to those who are lost on their journey towards improving their health and skin as I know that it can be a lonely journey to be on.


If you are someone going through this as well and need help and a skin buddy, I  welcome you to WhatsApp me at +65 8887 9982.


Find out more about Dr's Secret and Avance Supplement reviews & side effects when you first start out here.

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