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My Skin Journey

Hello, beautiful souls! I'm thrilled to share my transformative skincare journey with you, one that has been shaped by perseverance, resilience, and the wonders of DR's Secret products.

My skin journey started as a tough fight against combination skin, thinness, acne, and sensitivity. Every skincare product I tried just made things worse, leaving my skin inflamed and peeling.


This is a personal struggle that had been bothering me for a while and I had been taking medication from doctor to suppress it. 

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"I was dejected and ashamed of how bad I looked.."

At that point, I was very ashamed of how bad my skin was.

In fact, it was so extreme that I was happy to hide my face behind a mask during the pandemic. From the pictures, you can see my outbreak, my dehydrated skin with bumps and uneven skin tone. I had alot of blackheads as well.

My friend couldn’t take it when she saw my blackheads in the past. She would always ask me to do something about it and that made me feel even worse.

Back then, I wasn't thinking so much about solving these issues except for my acne problems.

I started out with 3 basic products from DR's Secret to observe how it worked on my face.

In case you are thinking about mixing your current products with DR's Secret since you are likely to still have existing skin care products, don't worry I did the same - Mixing my other products with DR's Secret ones initially.

However, with that, I had to manage my expectations as my skin buddy did share with me at the beginning that getting to witness healthier skin will be slower and I might experience reactions on my skin which she will find it difficult to troubleshoot as she did not know in-depth about other products' formulations nor trained about their mixability with other products.

When I First Started

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For me, at the initial stage, I felt my skin was really tight and it was peeling.


I feedbacked to my skin buddy and she gave me useful tips on specific ways for improvement, some that I even thought were simple and common sensical and yet escaped me till then. 


I changed how I washed my face, the strokes and time spent on applying each product, how to enhance their effectiveness for better results and the correct order of usage.

Through this, I realised the importance of communication with my skin buddy and the willingness to unlearn and re-learn what I have been doing and assuming I knew for decades.

After 1 month of use, the most obvious difference to me was that my skin wasn’t so dull anymore. Hoorayyy!! That was a breakthrough for me!

My face looked much cleaner as if 30+ years of dirt and impurities were cleansed off my face. 

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With that, I grew more excited about trying more products and started adding others to my regime, replacing the previous brands I was using.

It was not a bed of roses. My skin reacted to certain products especially during the first few days of use. Tingling sensations, itchiness, skin peeling.. you name it.

Fortunately, I came to realise that it was normal as the active ingredients in the products were doing their job and my skin was undergoing cell renewal.

When our skin lacks certain nutrients, it is most likely weak in certain ways. Hence, introducing these nutrients create change and rejuvenation which surfaces itself as reactions.

These are very common as our skin is trying to adapt and need not be a cause for fear and anxiety as I initially thought.

The journey to healthier skin does take time. Acne outbreaks still occur along the way and it is by no means a one-off solution.

As I embarked further on my journey, I learnt that skin health is reflected just as well through our diet and supplements and that was when I decided to include Avance supplements into my regime.

Our skin is a reflection of our inner health and can tell us alot about our overall wellness. 

Being a user of DR's Secret for more than 2.5 years now, I could not be more grateful for stumbling across and becoming a user and advocate of this brand. 

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This is me now. My skin is clearly healthier, more hydrated, clearer and brighter. I used to think all products are the same but not anymore. Having tried so many costly international and Korean brands, using the right products and having a good skin buddy does make a difference.

My family and I have benefited from using both supplements and skincare, and that’s why I decided to become an ambassador and distributer representative for BWL.

If you are keen to know more about how DR's Secret can transform your skin, please contact me. I'll be happy to help you achieve your goal too.

User S


S approached me seeking help with enlarged pores and oily skin. After consistently using Dr's Secret for several months, she saw significant improvements.


Her pores gradually shrunk, giving her skin a smoother, more refined look.


Furthermore, her once overly oily skin became much more balanced and comfortable daily.


These good results not only boosted S's confidence but also led her to become a distributor for Dr's Secret, sharing her personal testimony & review with others.

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User H

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H struggled with acne-prone skin that was oily on the surface but dry underneath.


After incorporating Dr's Secret products into her skincare routine for several months, she experienced a significant reduction in acne outbreaks.

The unique formulation effectively addressed the dual nature of her skin issues, regulating oil production while providing essential hydration to combat dryness.


As a result, H's skin not only became clearer but also felt more balanced and nourished from within. Her satisfaction with the results has since made her a satisfied and consistent user of Dr's Secret skin care.

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User A

A initially approached me seeking solutions for various dermatological issues, including dry skin, sun spots, pigmentation, and freckles.


After several months of consistent use of Dr's Secret products, she experienced an amazing transformation of her skin. The once obvious spots and pigmentation gradually faded, revealing a more even and radiant complexion.


Now, as a satisfied user of Dr's Secret, A enjoys not just improved skin health but also a newfound confidence in her appearance.

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